Sky Blue Pink

Lower Ground Floor Flat, 27 High Street, Shoreham-by-sea

Sky Blue Pink starts just inside the blue front door. Downstairs there are wonderful things to look at and buy and a lovely garden next to the River Adur. We have a wide range of affordable pictures, jewellery and ceramics by accomplished artists and makers. Refreshments and a warm welcome always available

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Kai Craig
My recycled copper and eco silver jewellery is worked with simple hand tools and a blow torch, often not knowing where I am heading. Designs are inspired by a simple travelling lifestyle, often on the road in my converted horsebox home. I love teaching others to work with copper as I am so in love with this metal and its versatility. My travels in other countries and continents fill me with new ideas
Kore Sage
My abstract acrylic paintings are bright and bold. I get my inspiration at the shoreline, taking photographs of wide skies, the endless sea roaring on the shingle and gulls gliding overhead. I love the shapes of the beaches and the lines of the man-made structures against the power of the weather and the water. Sometimes energising, sometimes calming, I love this place where the water meets the land.

Sketching and journaling what I see and hear are part of the process of creating new paintings. I include layers of text and numbers taken from these notes as well as elements of the landscape.

I am excited to be sharing my latest series at Sky Blue Pink which backs onto the river with beautiful views. It’s the perfect setting for my coast-inspired paintings.
Nick Orsborn
His figurative Watercolour paintings are largely concerned with expressing the joy of life, often from a perspective of humour and gentle irony. Nick also produces a wide range of giclée prints of his work which can be viewed and purchased on his website. He is also a maker of cast resin earrings, brooches and necklaces, sold under the name of Cicada Jewellery.
John Stanley Clamp
Having worked in advertising I find people and situations combined very interesting and my work is a mixture of photography and mixed media
Jan Irvine
Shell jewellery, collages and paintings
Karen Norfolk
An eclectic mix of sculpture in mixed media
Christine Myall
My ceramics are based on natural forms using layering effects of underglaze, slips, glazes, onglazes and decals to develop depth of surface. I also use scragfitto and other mark-making techniques which can bring a sense of narrative for the viewer to my work. My work tends to be quiet, reflective and influenced by a Japanese Wabi Sabi aesthetic
Barry Surtees
“OpArt ” three dimensional pieces made from purely building materials or found objects and painted only using house paints.
I strip back the remnants of vacant advertising holdings and create pieces using the decollage method, i.e. stripping back the layers to create work, essentially using the remaining pieces to form an image, using these pieces as my paintbrush.
Over time, I have added pieces from old cinema and gig posters, self cut stencils and spray paint. These pieces fit within the genre of “Street Art” and for any of these pieces I have given myself the nom de plume of 1:Ze (ONEZEE)
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