Houseboat Verda

20 Riverbank, Shoreham-by-sea, BN43 5YH

Step into a world akin to that of Lewis Carroll’s with the most idiosyncratic venue you will ever visit. Marvel at the ingenuity of this labyrinthine boat/house/experience and take away an artistic experience you will never forget. Tea, coffee and cakes available. Open throughout the trail dates.

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Steve Carroll
In this exhibition I am showing my idiosyncratic prints of Sussex. These include images of Shoreham and newer ones of Arundel and Worthing. They are a combination of hand drawn work in ink and digital colour
Isla Willatt
Painting inspires me to take risks with colour and form and has become my passion. I am interested in the shapes within the landscape, especially the swirls of paths and rivers, patchwork fields, abundant woodland and dramatic skies. Fortunately, there are many such places to take advantage of locally. I need space to escape, to feel alive, the bigger the vista the better.
Denise Collins
I find colour and design are the main things that interest me. I use a variety of media, paint, fabrics and a sewing machine
Sue Collins
Sue’s greatest inspiration is the beautiful Sussex countryside where she lives. Working from Scots Pine Studios, in the village of Hassocks, she creates linocut prints and paintings using a combination of photography and sketching as well as drawing on her personal experiences and memories.
Deborah Fleming
Having painted in pastel for many years, more recently I have been exploring mixed media using various techniques. I include recycled objects, building up layers with lots of texture and colour. Often a piece expresses a feeling and explores how we look at life. Most are for hanging, along with key holders, notebook covers, pen holders and other practical items.
Sarah Bridgland
Until I discovered Fused Glass I hadn’t realised how important colour is in my life. The bright colours glow in the light and make me happy. All of my work is cut by hand and no two pieces are the same. My inspiration for each piece could be the natural world, the random glass off cuts sitting in the boxes waiting to be fitted in somewhere, or a special gift for someone to treasure.”
Sarah Fer
My current source material is the Adur river estuary, the constant changing light and colours, the birds, the water and the muddy river banks. Every day the light and the reflections are different and the wind creates new patterns on the surface of the river and the sea.
The river retreats as the tide goes out revealing strange shaped islands that have odd characters to them. There are birds, some surprisingly exotic like the little egret that pads in the shallow pools feeling with its feet to catch small fish or the cormorant with its awkward flight. There are a lot of other wading birds too. I have gathered items on the beach to paint, pebbles that resemble faces or creatures, and ray egg cases that are like strange dancers when they are washed up and they blow along in the wind.
I paint in acrylics (for speed of drying) on canvas or wood panels.
Julia Ann Field
I get enormous pleasure from trying to capture on canvas our beautiful world and how it inspires me, so I hope that my work communicates something of the joy I get from making. I’m also a passionate plein air landscape painter – albeit a fair-weather one, and I relish painting the model from life too. Whether I’m portraying stunning local landscapes, the sensual nude or even the ugly subject of man’s environmental devastation, I paint in strong saturated hues.
Open Dates
May 28th, May 29th, June 4th, June 5th, June 11th, June 12th
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