Sarah Fer

I was born in London (U.K.) and lived some years in Essex as a child.
Again living in London I left home and school at 16 and went to the local art school.
I went on to a degree in Fine Art and then a post graduate degree at the Royal College of Art.
On leaving I taught art and design in further and higher education and then became a freelance textile designer (and a parent.)
At the time computer aided design was something quite new and I set about investigating.
I worked for a company in central London and became a visual effects artist for the film and tv industry working on films such as Harry Potter and Batman Begins. I worked in the industry for more than a decade until my health failed and I could no longer commute.
Currently I am enjoying painting and looking for opportunities to take commissions and exhibit.

My work derives from the river Adur estuary and from the beaches that are close along the south coast. I have gathered items on the beach, pebbles that resemble faces or creatures (mimetoliths) that are collected and recorded before they are washed away again by the tide.
There are ray egg cases that resemble strange dancers when they are washed onto the beach emptied of eggs and they blow along in the wind.
The river retreats as the tide goes out revealing strange shaped islands that have odd characters to them. And there are birds, some surprisingly exotic like the little egret that pads in the shallow pools feeling with its feet to catch small fish or the cormorant with its awkward flight. There are a lot of wading birds like oyster catchers, redshanks, turnstones, and crows and gulls in large numbers too.
I always feel humbled by the scale of the task in interpreting the landscape.
We may at any minute lose what we have of the natural world through neglect or abuse so it is good to be able to fully appreciated it now.

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