Hala Sabet


Influenced by her Egyptian roots and cultural background, Hala Sabet has always been fascinated by Geo-metry (measurement of earth), its origins and how it develops an infinite array of possibilities and structures. Her work explores the simplicity of geometry and the complexity of organic nature examining how one can stretch their boundaries to make sculptural structures and paintings that abstract representational reference. Her latest work has focused on the integration of the opposites such as chance/order, stability/precariousness, geometric/organic in an attempt to bring this clash of antonyms into harmony. She adopts an interdisciplinary approach that would include drawing, painting, wood, clay and other media in an attempt to transcend all art media boundaries.

Hala Sabet has a BA (First Class Honours) in Fine Art and Masters in Fine Art (with Distinction). She has exhibited in various galleries and venues across the United Kingdom and overseas

Telephone: 07414 878689

Commisions: Yes

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